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chapter 7: page 33

2012-04-19 20:16:01

Yet another page that gave me hell, but came out ok[hopefully]...btw I know you guys were waiting for this to happen too. You're welcome 8D

Also, am I the only one who thinks Andre looks like an excited 9 year old in that second to last panel? Might be the freckles and missing tooth... XD /pat him

Pre-emptively answering, in case anyone asks, since I've been asked about fonts used for SFX the last few pages:
"Snap!" and "ack!" are just my handwriting... not actual fonts. xD; The AUUUGHHH one with Andre lunging is called Edo SZ tho. *nodnod* I also often use one called DeathRattle, but not on this page... Anyway, I'll try to mention them as I use them, if I use any others.

This week in the Spider Forest comic of the week, the very pretty Chirault!

I've finally admitted to myself how much I suck at descriptions, so I can stealing Thane's:

When a wayward spell shrinks a young girl to barely the size of a tin of beans, it is only the start of her adventures. From the shoulder of a wandering demon hunter who is himself a demon, she attempts to find a way back to her previous size.

Also, imploding cities.

Chirault is one of those webcomics I've read a lot of but not the entire thing yet. This has nothing to do with it's quality, just my lack of free time when it comes to sit down and read time. This comic is actually really fucking awesome. Thane does the comic entirely traditional, hand inking, hand colouring etc on paper... using markers and a pen brush, I believe. It's fucking awesome. So much envyyyyyy. Also she style is just really attractive, and I think the hand inked stuff lends to that quite a bit.

Anyway, please check it out @_@ Read it all in my stead. I'll catch up eventually...I hope.

Current Incentive:

Sketch of two panels from page 34 -- this page is actually inked and coloured, but I like the sketch better, so here LOL. I'd like to say I'm sorry for the recaption on this preview. I'm really sorry. [Kou: "you better be sorry..e.e"] But with that face Vix makes, you have to wonder exactly what Kou really did say here... hmmm!

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