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chapter 7: page 32

2012-04-12 20:46:32

This page took obscenely long to plot out. I can't even begin to tell you why, I have no idea. ._.; Maybe I was just having art block lol. Also, sorry for the lack of dialogue, but I kinda felt like it was unnecessary xD; [once again, million thanks to matt for his moral and technical support on this page lol]

In other news, I sort of cleaned up the extras page a bit. That old playlist is gone now, replaced by the current, up to date one. I also replaced all those links in the video section with a playlist of all my art videos [only had a few posted before, they should all be there now]...

I was also recently reminded that d*s has a TV Tropes page, as it came up in conversation recently. It hasn't been updated in a while, but if you are a troper, please feel free to have at it!! I love reading TV Tropes, but I haven't touched the d*s cos I felt like that would be cheating or something... [also i would end up spending way too long playing with it, so i haven't even made an account on tvt ._.;;]

The comic for this week's Spider Forest promo sort of dropped out, so I thought I'd link a comic I meant to link last week, but like a failure, I completely forgot...

My fave webcomiccc, Panthera!

I have them linked on my links page, and I've talked about them here before, but eff it, I love this comic! I was gonna write up my own description again, but I think theirs works better:

Bridgedale High School's most exclusive club has a dark secret: its teenage members moonlight as feline-shapeshifting, elemental-powered avengers. Four young warriors, with the power of four cats and four classical elements, battle against the very forces that created them -- and that may aspire to do worse.

As always, I highly recommend this comic. The characters are very likeable once you get to know them, and the art improves p damn well over coarse of the relatively quick to read thru archive. Also, as I've mentioned in the past, this comic feels like a throwback to Saturday morning cartoons in the 90's :> So much love... :'D

I'd also like to mention that two of the comics I linked last week have updated a lot! :) The Ironclad Man is now almost finished with it's prologue [btw, i urge you to also read his ridiculous news posts lol], and Neverend now has a few pages, whereas before it had none :) Go give them another look, if you didn't before.

And while I'm at it, it couldn't hurt for me to link Bedlam Genesis and The Defector again :x

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Another sneak peak at next week... I think you won't be able to look at this panel next week without smirking after this tho... [sorry kou, sorry andre... ]

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