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chapter 7: page 30

2012-03-29 19:53:14

Lol Vix's literal mind fuck seems to have backfired a bit, I think... @__@

I went in for an anatomy scan on the baby this week. =D She did some pretty adorable stuff that I wish I could have gotten video of, mostly the part where she was playing with her mouth and then stuck out her tongue LOL. We also got a picture of her looking like a certain game character...

This week in the Spider Forest spotlight: Cetiya!

As I am a bum and had a pretty busy week, I didn't get to read this one thru ._.; From what I gather of what I read like a year ago tho was that this is a cyber punk story where magic sort of exists thru technology. It follows one of the users who has p much given up his memories to be really good at it, and his partner, who sort of grounds him. I... I don't know, I suck at this ;_; You can read the about page, which is way more coherent. xD;

*whisper* forgive me mitsu, isuckassss.

Current Incentive:

I was told I should use peeks at the coming week's page as vote art so I can spend more time on the pages themselves instead of extra art...SOO here are a couple inked panels from next week's page.

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