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chapter 7: page 29

2012-03-22 20:50:12

This page was a little too fun to work on lol. :x So much blooooo.

I got some giftarts this week!

First is a Cute Vix with the gals from my fave webcomic, Panthera :D~ It's disturbing how well she fits in with Jeff's style xD

Second is a birthday gift from my friend Kyrstan: it's emoface Kou lighting a candle on a cupcake. LOL. He's also wearing the same outfit he had on in the old Michael Jackson pose art she did for me ages ago that I mentioned a while back [sadly i am still not sure where that picture is]...

[yes, i had a birthday this week. i don't tell you ppl nothin'! LOL]

This week in the Spider Forest spotlight: School Spirit!

(i love this banner XD)
School Spirit is a cute slice of life sort of story, only with ghosts LOL. It takes place in Australia and follows a group of school kids as they experience all the adventures and wonders of life as a kid, not to mention the supernatural aspect with the ghosts in the cemetery next to their school.

The archive on this comic is MASSIVE, so I haven't read it all, but thanks to the New Readers page, you can jump in at any point after reading the summaries, which really is the best thing ever. I popped in at the Grace/Wendy part [the preview pics for it cracked me up so hard, i had to lol] and read from there, but I intend to go back and read more later when I have time again.

Anyway, it's a really adorable comic and I def recommend it, especially if you feel like you need something a little more lighthearted to read. :)

Current Incentive:

No new vote art this week -- my buffer has gone down A LOT since the discovery of being pregnant, so I figured my time this week was getter spent trying to build the buffer back up than doing extra content... I mean, I was down to only 1 page! I am now at 2, and about to start working on a third page... slow progress, but better than nothing :) Hopefully I can get back up to 15 again sometime in the future lol. But yeah, feel free to vote anyway...

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