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chapter 7: page 26

2012-03-01 22:17:40

If you are unsure if this development is creepy or hot, I can assure you, either reaction is probably okay.

First off, I got a giftart of a real pretty Vix by my buddy, Holly. Give her some love and check out the rest of her gallery!

Anddd umm... soo... I mentioned on facebook I had an announcement. So yeah, I've got some good news and sort of bad news.

First off, you may have noticed a trend lately, of me complaining about being really tired, and also pretty busy with life stuff [aside from the stitches thing lol, those are out now btw :)]. I've been wondering how to mention it for a while, but I guess it's easier to just say it!

In about 6 months, I'm going to be having a baby girl :D!

Clearly, this is the good news. xD I think you can guess the bad news...

d*s will take a hiatus around the baby popping time. While this sucks pretty badly, upside to this is that I fully intend to continue posting until I literally can't anymore, as has always been my way. :'D This might mean I have to switch to laptop setup as I get further along [which in my head seems very awkward, but i'll figure it the hell out, dammit]. I am hoping not to miss any updates during the pregnancy, but obviously there may be some spotty updates along the way due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, as I said, I will have to take a hiatus when the baby is born. I am not entirely sure how long it will be -- however long it takes me to get into a routine with having a baby, I guess.

But!! I will definitely be back to continue d*s once I find my stride. I refuse to let it go unfinished. You guys don't even know how resolute I am in this, seriously. d*s is like my first baby, as dumb as that sounds, and the idea of it never being completed literally makes me want to puke 8D And really, I've always really hated webcomics that were discontinued/canceled, and have always sworn I would never let that happen to mine. I might be slow, but dammit, I get the job done!! ...eventually! LOL.

Anyway, I've been told by my SF buddies that a good thing to do during the hiatus is try doing the whole guest strip thing, having art contests that you guys can participate in, or posting d*s sketches I do from time to time and what not. If you guys have any ideas, lemme know! I wanna try to keep in touch with you guys too, even while I'm not able to update, so I will be trying to keep in touch thru FB, twitter, and the comment system here :)

Anyway, we still have until August to continue enjoying the story... so there's time to come up with ideas xD

Side note, because my baby is apparently awesome.

Current Incentive:

Quick sketch I threw colour and texture onto. I kinda wish I had been able to spend more time on it, but I only had about 2 hours to work on it before I was done arting for the night, so this is what you get! It is inspired by this song [very pretty video as well, great movie :)] and this photograph... [go look at that shit, it's awesome! ribbon porn lover's dream come true, ngl]

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