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chapter 7: page 24

2012-02-17 00:15:29

PERSONAL SPACE WARNING, BZZT BZZT. [also...that 'oh god' is supposed to be one thought, not like a pause between the words xD...it just looked strange in one word bubble for some reason...]

So this page took forever to prep today [part of why this page is posted later than normal]... I had a creepy looking mole removed from my scalp [they called today and said they were pretty sure it was not malignant, but he was sending it off to another lab for be sure cos the roots were questionable], and all day it was just pounndddinngg awaaay. So I was having a lot of trouble keeping focus on my art lol... [it's throbbing away as we speak...will self medicate soon so i can sleep thru it @_@]

In other news, I wanted to thank the lot of you for all the comments I get on these pages. Some of them are funny, some of them are cute, and some of them are really good critiques! You guys seriously make me feel loved. I am so glad I put the comment system in :)

In other, OTHER news, I got a pretty badass giftart from my buddy Kat... it's Vix and her own character, Katsumi, from her Bedlam Genesis webcomic <3!! You should go check out her comic~ it's super adorable while at the same time being ridiculously violent :D [two things i love together lolol]


Current Incentive:

I made time today to make you guys a wallpaper! [it's not exact but you might be able to make it fit anyway? lol] It's also a late V-Day pic :> Lyrics are from this song, which is also on the d*s playlist :) It was nice to sit down and draw something without it having to go into the comic for once! Been too busy lately to do anything but the comic! :c But yeah, I hope you like it!

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