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chapter 7: page 22

2012-02-02 22:42:09

HMM, WHO DAT. And why did she get Kou's panties in a twist? 8D [if you've watched my DA for a long time, you may recognize her...]

d*s got a pretty sweet review this week over at Tangents Reviews, so check it out, if that sorta thing tickles your fancy. ;D [i made that suggestive, and i don't know why]

In comic related news, I am starting to realize chapter 7 is going to be a monster, page count wise. This is because I combined two chapters from the novel into one, but the splitting point was a little awkward [about when vix looked up to see Andre last page lol]... oh well! That doesn't matter, right...? lol...

Current Incentive:

Busy again this week, but I did manage to sketch some stuff on the back of a flyer during a class this week [instead of paying attention 8D] using a ballpoint pen. I coloured one of the Vix's and a Dahlia a bit in photoshop as well, just for shits and giggles. :)

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