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chapter 7: page 21

2012-01-26 22:10:34

A few ppl have pointed out this place is too clean. So I added some debris and stuff [tho you can't really see it in the bathroom on this page haha...there is graffiti in there too but none of it is in this line of sight...]

Some giftart stuff:
Response to the current pages by my friend Matt, who really needs an art site lol. last panel sort of killed me lmao
Cute lonely looking Vixie by my buddy Taylor... [don't you jsut wanna give her a hug in this art :c???] This links to her tumblr, so check out her other stuff, tho be warned, some of her artwork is nsfw.

I've had a pretty busy week. I haven't managed to even finish this weeks page quota @_@ Hoping I can catch up this weekend, since we're gonna be staying home for once...wish me luck, guys!!

Current Incentive:

as mentioned, had a relatively hectic week, had no time for extra artwork :( but feel free to vote again if you like
Well I scanned two arts I showed wips of before, but my scanner raped them horribly... everything was completely washed out, no matter what settings I tried. T_T Did my best to rescue them with photoshop. Sad to say they look better like this than they did before. Oh well...
I guess I will stick to photoshop from now on lol.

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