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chapter 7: page 13

2011-12-01 22:12:29

If you missed it, I updated on Tuesday as well. Go back and read that page first :)

Also, I have to admit, I totally traced the bottom landscape from a photo and eyedropped a lot of colours off of it lmao. [for the curious, the photo is here] I was a dirty cheater for it and I'd feel like a liar for not mentioning it... so there it is lmao.

Anyway, I based this place off the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, which is the only place I've been that really fit what I had in mind for this part of the comic, and I have a decent amount of ref photos from our visit lol... but for the sake of ambiguity, let's assume that this isn't actually the Santa Cruz Boardwalk... which is my way of saying that I never gave much thought to a real life city for d*s to take place lol... 8D;;

Current Incentive:

[same as tuesday update, in case some ppl missed it.] something i started doodling at work on black friday lol... initially it was going to be perverted [if it's not obvious] but then it turned into this creepy thing... but yeah, it's not finished yet. this is sort of like the 'flat colours' stage..i still need to shade it xD;

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