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chapter 7: page 12

2011-11-29 14:45:06

Vix is used to getting her way lol. Spoiled brat 8D

Tbh the top few panels are the only reason I kept this scene intact the way it is. I'm all for the fanservice, so long as there is a punchline somewhere 8D

Anyway, if you missed it on Twitter/fb, apologies for not getting around to posting on Saturday like I had hoped to. I was pretty exhausted from the holidays lol. Me and J went to see his parents and we slept on an air mattress for 3 days ... then drove back home [7~hour drive] so i could work a 9 hour shift on black friday. 8( that p much wiped me out so i slept most of saturday haha...and then sunday, me and J just hung out. I figure hanging out with your awesome husband is a decent enough excuse right? :)

I hope you guys had a more restful thanksgiving! :'D

Current Incentive:

something i started doodling at work on black friday lol... initially it was going to be perverted [if it's not obvious] but then it turned into this creepy thing... but yeah, it's not finished yet. this is sort of like the 'flat colours' stage..i still need to shade it xD;

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