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chapter 7: page 11

2011-11-18 12:24:32

WHO ANSWERS THE DOOR LIKE THIS fdsjkf lmao... well apparently Kou does, I guess. *mike nelson voice* ..llllllladies.

I hope you guys noticed the post on my twitter widget [to the right!] about today's update being a little later. I hadn't realized it was already 'post day' and I had to go to work...didn't get home til really... But better late than never :)

SPEAKING OF 8D;;;;;; Heads up!! I'll be out of town for TG, so I might be posting on Saturday next week instead of the normal Thursday night postingggsss. FORGIVE ME, IT'S THEM HOLIDAYS MESSIN' ME UP D8

Current Incentive:

Some wips for posters! One is for you Kix lovers and the other is dreamscape-y and probably more for the fellas [and certain ladies lol]... any opinions on the mirrored idea are welcome xD

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