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chapter 7: page 10

2011-11-10 23:47:27

I had a little too much fun with these pages, teasing Rylie thru Vix lol.

Anyway, not much else to say! I've been working everyday this week and that always messes up my art schedule, so I barely even worked on a page this week...tho it doesn't help that the last page I was working on just deleted thanks to a power outage corrupting the file 9_9; [i've already made up for that loss tho...thankfully lol..just sucks to have such a set back 9_9]

That said, I haven't updated the vote incentive this week, but feel free to vote anyway...even tho it sucks e_e;

Current Incentive:

Same as last week: the WIP of future page & the Twilight WIP 9_9

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