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chapter 7: page 9

2011-11-03 21:41:32

Lol poor Rylie. xD; She was only trying to help...

So I'm back! Clearly... xD Had A LOT of fun on the honeymoon and visiting family :) I don't really have a lot of pics tho, we kept forgetting our camera xD;; We did get some fun space mountain pics tho. I will have to bug my friend to scan them. xD

...I did also manage to get sick, but thankfully it was the last 2 days... and now J is now sick too. No one to take care of us but the cats xD [they are doing a good job!]

Anyway, I didn't actually really draw AT ALL this trip. @_@ Like I sketched Catwoman during one of my sick days whilst watching Kent play Arkham City, and I finished a pic for my Aunt-in-law [is that a real term?], but other than that, nothing. ._.;;; I feel so unproductive. Lol...

Oh well, back home now, back to d*s :)

Current Incentive:

Like I said, didn't draw much on the vaca, so here is a clip of a thumbnail sketch for a future page, and a WIP I scanned of the pic for my Aunt[-in-law]...she's a big fan of the Twilight series, so I told her I'd draw Edward and Bella for her since she watched our cats while we were in FL. I tried to add in all the book covers into it, which was hard... lol. I don't think either of them really look like the actors but oh well...

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