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chapter 7: page 8

2011-10-20 19:13:57

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize to any guys or tomboyish gals reading this page, it's a little....girly...? lol

Second, I'd like to apologize to EVERYONE because there will be no update next week!!!... due to delayed honeymoon. FINALLY GOING gfufufsufiafak excitement. I kind of forgot to mention it last week [tho i did bring it up a couple weeks before that lol?] ...but i also didn't realize it was already so close @_@; Yikes. Sorry for the short warning guys.

In other news, I updated the d*s playlist again this week:
Love Can Kill You by BT [something upbeat but warning]
Memories by Eisley [something pretty & wistful]
The Heretic by The Sound of Animals Fighting [something downbeat & a little creepy]

Three pretty different songs that all fit d*s for me...lol. One day someone is going to listen to my whole playlist and somehow figure out the plot to d*s just thru the music. [too bad they are all out of order tho haha..]

Current Incentive:

I SUCK, I didn't have the brain power this week to work on another FAQ. ._. Instead is a tutorial I screenshotted a few months ago and just threw together today. it's a walkthru of how I did page 9 of this chapter, so it doubles as a sneak peak into the next page. Looking at it now, i realize i forgot to show how I do the panels and word bubbles...if anyone is curious I will add it in later and repost this on da lol.

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