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chapter 7: blindness

2011-09-01 20:41:34


And also... new layout =D

New stuff!

Comment System!
Because people have wanted it since forever... Lol. You can find the comment system below the news here... when you click the "# Comments" button, it will load up the comment app, which is run by Disqus. So those of you who avoid signing up for forums can have a voice now too :)

Completely new. :D It has buttons for where to find d*s related things, including the rss [previously hidden at the bottom of the page lol], Deviantart Group, facebook page, etc etc...

You'll also find the vote incentive button is going to be over there now [tho i am not 100% on this yet], as well as a button for the underused d*s store, a new project wonderful adspace and also... a donate button, since people have actually asked me how they can donate. xD

The main page now has the comic on it... lol. :'D

Hmm, that might be all...but it's a pretty big deal to me XD Anyway, I've updated the layout section of the About page, and tweaked a few other ones so they point to places like the DA group for fanart, or the YT playlist, etc etc.

Oh, also, the song for this chapter is named for is 'Blindness' by Metric... great song :)

Current Incentive:
While I *do* have some actual d*s related things in my sketchbook I could scan, I am a lazy bum and will not be scanning them today. Mostly I spent today picking at the layout and making sure I updated stuff [i am sure things were forgotten anyway]... so yeah, aside from comic stuff and this commission, I haven't gotten much art done. So this vote incentive is a not-so-stellar WIP of a commission I am finally picking up again after weeks of sitting on my hard drive untouched. :( /londwindedrant[?]

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