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chapter 7: page 2

2011-09-08 21:03:29

Rylie <3 ~ bitches don't know how much I love me some Rylie. [or maybe they do.]

Welcome to the new chapter :D Sorry I didn't post twice this week xDD Not sure if I mentioned it but my buffer went down a lot recently due to several uncontrollable but also wildly unexciting circumstances, so I decided not to double the update like I normally do after a chapter cover :c Forgive meeeeehhh.

Also, thanks so much for all the comments on the new layout! It's great to see some new people popping up in the comments section too :)

Current Incentive:

I was going to use the awe[ful/some] 'fanservice' sketch i did in live stream earlier this week, but decided to do something new, so I filled out this 'swap everything' meme using Kou and Vix -- includes swapping of clothes, personality, hair styles, and more... lol.

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