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chapter 6: page 26

2011-07-18 18:21:04

Things get trippy 8D

I started a Facebook Page for d*s. Feel free to like it and look around...I posted some old vote incentives and artwork I had laying around on my harddrive, as well as some stuff I don't think I had posted publically before... most of it is old tho, haha... I'll try to post wip sketches there or something as well, while I am working :)

Current Incentive:

[same as last friday, but feel free to vote again :)]
Have you ever wondered what it would look like if I drew with my left hand? Well, here you go... lmao. [ngl, i am actually surprised this came out so well, but it did take me more than 4x as long to do it as it normally would have... ]

next update: fri, july 22
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