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chapter 6: page 27

2011-07-21 20:47:57

Vix seems to have some trouble with this development...

If you missed it last week, THERE WAS AN EXTRA UPDATE THIS WEEK! If so, go back a page :)

Also, again, if you missed it, I started a Facebook Page for d*s, which I will use to post about updates, wips for pages or other d*s related art, etc... Also it's another way to be heard if you aren't up for signing up on my forums.

Also, if you don't have a facebook, I think I've left everything public, so you can probably still browse it. :)

Current Incentive:

Just sharing the page I am currently working on... I LOVE DRAWING RYLIE, so I've been having a total blast working on the current scene I'm doing xD

next update: fri, july 29
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