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chapter 6: page 25

2011-07-14 21:33:55

Vix is left alone with her thoughts again...

I intend to post an extra update on Tuesday!! Please don't miss it =) I'll mention it next Friday as well in case some of you forget ;)

Also, the music on her cd player for this page is Utopia by Goldfrapp, which is featured in the d*s playlist :)

Also, forgot to post it last week, but new fanart:
-- Vix and her dream twin [she is introduced soon enough xD]~ looking amaaazing in the dreamscape! [also introduced soon :)] By shotakat@da!!

Current Incentive:

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if I drew with my left hand? Well, here you go... lmao. [ngl, i am actually surprised this came out so well, but it did take me more than 4x as long to do it as it normally would have... ]

next update: TUESDAY!! july 19
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