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chapter 6: page 20

2011-06-09 20:36:04

Someone pays Vix a visit [aunt flo jokes appreciated] ...

+ Updated Characters Section with a few new charas and a few updated portraits.

+ New Fanart:
-- More giftart from shotakat@da... she's trying to make me die of joy by drawing me so much fanart, esp with these two on top of it all... @_@ VAGUELY NSFW? Nothing is showing cept a butt... nevertheless, prob best not to click if your boss is looking over your shoulder :)

Current Incentive:

Thank you scanner for finally allowing me to scan this old pic lol...I started this thing over a year ago and the inks for it were an incentive sometime last year [but can't recall when]...well in any case, here it is now, all finished, cept for some tweaks I'd like to do to it. This chara is introduced later this chapter ;)

next update: fri, june 17
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