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chapter 6: page 19

2011-06-02 19:22:42

Someone pays Vix a visit [aunt flo jokes appreciated] ...

+ Updated the d*s playlist...

+Updated Fanart:
-- Giftart from iceeking@da... Vix probably said something whiney again... but at least she gets her payback!! 8D
-- Giftart from shotakat@da... two year ani, YESSsssuh! Vix has delicious BLOODBERRY cake.

Current Incentive:

I finally got a new scanner, so I scanned like 20 pics...but this is just one of them. People on DA have been talking about how they love the Kou/Vix pairing [my fave is kou/rylie haha...am i allowed to ship my own charas..?], so I tossed some quick photoshop colours on this old sketch. BE APPEASED, KIX SHIPPERS. [lyrics in the picture are crystal method.]

next update: fri, june 10
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