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chapter 6: page 21

2011-06-16 19:52:51

Vix starts to feel the effects...

For those of you on DeviantArt, I started a d*s group there where you can find p much all the fanarts I've gotten and I guess other stuff to come? Idk... I'd been prodded to start one a few times and just figured why not.

Next I need to make one on FB lol... but not sure how. I'll figure it out someday 8D;

Current Incentive:

VAGUELY NSFW Due to boobies. Otherwise it is okay, I think lol. This is Rylie and Kou being angsty/lovie to the song Skinny Love... I intend to colour this more for vol1 of d*s xD

next update: fri, june 24
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