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chapter 6: page 18

2011-05-27 00:08:19

...aaaand she chickens out.

Vix is listening to Goldfrapp in the last panels there. Nomnomnom.

Speaking of music, I added more stuff to the playlist there, and also went thru and added descriptions to each vid via the playulist note system they added~ Yayyyyyffffwggj

Anyway! A few things!

1 -- d*s has it's two year aniversary as a webcomic on saturday! hurray!!
2 -- I've begun revamping the first few chapters of d*s for print. YEAHH PRINT you heard meeee
3 -- Gonna have a fanart section in the book...so look forward to me bugging people to make me sexay arts [tho i might use some of the ones already given~]
4 -- I might be at Fanime on Saturday wandering around. GL TRYING TO FIND ME LOL..tho I might not, cos I am hella sick right now :c
5 -- Also a litttlleeee doped up on meds due to said sickness...I may not recall writing all of this tomorow

Current Incentive:

paintchat stuff with my buddy taylor [i'm in green lol] and some random person, as well as a few clips of the pages i've been revamping for the print of vol 1...

Gonna go pass out now!

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