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chapter 6: page 17

2011-05-19 21:09:34

Vix doesn't get the answer she was hoping for...

About to start preparing d*s: vol 1 for print...I'm scurd D:

Also I edited the last few pages a bit...they needed touching up since I was in a hurry the past few weeks when posting LOL. [not that anyone will know the differences ._.]

Current Incentive:

Picking at some extra content for volume one of d*s! The first one is a pic from a while ago that I am gonna paint over. The other two are remakes of old pics...if you remember the old ones, kudos XD! And the comic is an andre/vix one I am mucking around with but might not end up using if I can't get it to come out right lol...

next update: fri, may 27th
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