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chapter 6: page 14

2011-04-21 18:27:07

Vix sees a familiar face...?

OKAY sfhkasdf WEDDING HIATUS D8...*freaksout* I'm not even gonna try to say anything coherent here cos I am pretty flustered right now LOL. But yeah, no update next week, seeing as I will be kind of preoccupied 8D; I will try to update the following week but if not then...I'll try to post maybe the following Tuesday [may 10th]... Sorry >< Maybe I will post my most embarrassing wedding photo afterward to make up for it 8D [i know there will be a few...]

Current Incentive:

The thumbnail sketch for the next page, since there is such a long break xD;; feel free to make up joke dialogue.

next update: fri ...may 6th? [hopefully...]
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