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chapter 6: page 13

2011-04-15 12:37:37

Arianna seems to be in for an unpleasant surprise...

GUYS I HAVE DECIDED I will take a break in updates after next week's update. I was going to stop this week, but I don't want to pause it at this sort of cliff hanger. But yeah, family and friends are going to start trickling in for my wedding [only 2 weeks to go, ohgod], so I won't be able to update @_@ I will talk more about this next week, I am currently in a hurry.

Also sorry this page is late. Kinda ties in with what I am saying here lol [having ppl over...frantically cleaning the place up... ._.;]

Current Incentive:

A clip from smack dab in the middle of a later page. Looks like something really has Vix weirded out, huh? [you'll find out eventually~ ;)]

next update: fri - april 22nd
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