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chapter 6: page 15

2011-05-05 14:26:06

Arianna drops the ball 8D;

AND WE'RE BACK XDD Man it seems like it's been longer than one week of updates that I missed! @_@ The wedding went without a problem [unless you count me being awful sick the night before! LOL]. I had a freakin' blast. Unfortunately the only good photo of the two of us is hella blurry =( ... thankfully we'll have pro pictures in a while xD;

Anyway, yeah! Back on schedule 8DD And I'm nearly done with chapter 6, page count wise..then I can start working on some extra content/fixing older pages for the book!! 8DDD Any suggestions for extra content are totally welcome. I think people have said I could sign the books or do doodles I guess to stick into them?? Idk... lol. I need to get J to tell me how we do this printing stuff. I'd rather him deal with it for me so I can concentrate on the content xD

Current Incentive:

Trying to redesign Vix's old dress... since it makes an appearance in the next chapter.

next update: fri may 13th [oh shit!]
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