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chapter 6: page 4

2011-02-11 01:20:21

Kou finds Vix, much to her dismay.

Updated the d*s playlist :)

Updated the fanart section with a few I been putting off.

Vixie in Lingerie [sort of nsfw?] & vix holding flowers sketch by my buddy, taylorrrrrr

Blue + Vix (dreamscape version) by the artist from The Revolution, which is just starting it's third chapter :D Check it outtt!

Current Incentive:

NSFW past the top two artworks!! WIP dump!! 4 pics here, tho one is from today's page, showing how I touch up a page kind of? I tend to rush thru initially and then come back the day of an update with fresh eyes and fix some of the glaring mistakes :') Also, progress on the elf girl/wolves, progress on the cyber succubus [nsfw] and the beginnings of a siren for my buddy taylor [nsfw].

next update: fri - feb 18th
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