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chapter 6: page 5

2011-02-18 02:18:59

Vix realizes what Kou's doing, and is not happy about it. [uh...this sounds perverted...]

Updated the d*s music playlist...again. :)

More fanart this week!!

Vix staring dismally at her new fangs & Lysander is finally proud!!! *...literally dies everytime she sees this lmaooo* by suo of my forums!

Vix + Cabal by friend and artist of The Only Half Saga, Denise :) Cabal isn't used to seeing his own kind! And of course Vix is oblivious XD; /pat@her.

I updated the links page a bit cos I've been meaning to add TOHS and The Revolution. I finally made a button for Rev and Denise offered me one of her forum sigs XD So thar we gooo.

Also I am contemplating making expanded profiles for each character, where there would be spoiler info of what's happened in the comic so far, as well as things like their hobbies or fave music or something?? Idk. Just more in depth xD~ Cos I figure I'll run out of hover-text space eventually anyway... I'll let ya'll know when that is up.

Current Incentive:

was trying to doodle a reply or something to denise's pic but i failed a lot. this is just a buncha crap for the most part xD;

next update: fri - feb 25th
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