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chapter 5: page 23

2011-01-13 20:43:00

chapter 5 ends!! /confetti

excited for next chap!! i'll say why after it happens tho...haha.

i have some shitty news. my hand and arm have been really screwed up for over a week now, so i am taking a break from drawing for a bit, as advised by my doc. i have more than enough buffer for my recovery time, but this means some of the pages might go up unpolished and unedited if my hand is feeling shoddy the day of [because i like to do it right before i post lmao]. i'll fix them when my hand has had time to rest and heal tho, so no worries. so please excuse any wonky looking art for the next several pages lol. thanks xD
- h, typing very slowly with left hand. 8(

in other news, the comic creators alliance is going on again. it's a fund raiser for the awareness of human trafficking, which you can read about here for some back story from the creator. The official site is here for the actual donation thingy. i wish i'd known about it sooner! would have signed up to join in...maybe next year! :)

Current Incentive:

fanart for my fave webcomic, panthera, drawn for their brief hiatus between story arcs. i know i've suggested them before, but check them out! it's like a throw back to all those awesome saturday morning cartoons from the 90's, plus they've just finished their first storyline arc, so the timing is perfect for a new reader~ :)

next update: fri - Jan 21
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