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chapter 3: pages 21 - 22

2010-04-22 21:19:09

Arianna takes Vix to a creepy dark room 8D

Yes, a two page update!! 8DDD But ... only cos I am going out of town 8D;;; FOR TWO WEEKS 8DDDDDDDD;;; *ducks thrown objects >>;*

I'll be back home on the 8th of May. I'll try to post again then... you can read up on the forums for more info if you like.

Current Incentive:

I didn't have anything worth while so I just bunched up some wips and stuff from the coming pages/chapters xD Including the introduction of another of my fave charas, Rylie the Succubus xD [tho i guess a lot of my characters are my favourites... i get excited anytime I get to introduce one :'D]

next update: friday, may 8th - 10th [one of those days...]
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