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chapter 3: page 12

2010-02-18 21:03:04

Introductions...sort of? And then back to bein' a douche 8(

I posted last weeks vote incentive on my deviantart, completed and coloured:

Current Incentive:

This week's vote bait is a probably not funny unless you are me or the artist of Toilet Genie but it features her Anya and my Kou being FFFAAABULOUS. XD

Speaking of Toilet Genie, you guys should give it a read! She posts TG and another comic on there now too I guess. TG is about a pug named Skittlez who gets turned into a girl by an awesome genie who lives in a toilet lmao. She's adorable. The comic is pretty short right now so it's a good time to start it. :'D The art is really awesome too, very stylized and fun to look at. Give it a try. =)

next update: friday, feb 26
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