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chapter 3: page 11

2010-02-12 23:03:36

Sorry for the late update!! If you missed my post on the forums, my computer finally died, but my new one had just arrived... all my d*s files are safe and transferred onto the new computer, so no worries! Even tho I am only a day late, I still feel bad... lol.

Anyway, off to catch up on my work x_x

Current Incentive:

While my comp was dead I started doodling a comic with Vix and Kou playing Wii, another prompt of Josh's. He wanted Vix to be beating Kou on it, which is pathetic, since Vix is notoriously TERRIBLE at video games [you'll find this out in passing in d*s...later on xD], and we figured Kou would prolly lose his temper. Obv this isn't all of it, but this is all I have inked so far xD;;

next update: friday, feb 19
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