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chapter 3: page 1 - Cover

2009-12-07 23:36:19

Chapter 3, Misguided Angel... and so the story begins ;]

Like the others have been, this chapter is named after a song, and one that I really love... 'Misguided Angel' by the Cowboy Junkies. [youtube link] It's sort of a nod to my mom, as well, since she used to listen to this group a lot when I was a little liiiiittle kid. She introduced me to a lot of really nice stuff as I grew up. Love ya, mama :]

While the lyrics don't really fit the chapter, the title really does lol... so there it is.

Current Incentive:

I was able to do two pages this last week, so I spent the weekend sketching out some thumbnails and stuff for chapter 3, cos I was near to the end of my sketches after finishing the last page I did... I managed to sketch up about 9 of them [got up to page 20 thumbed], so here's a pic of my thumbnail sketch for page 17 of chapter 3. Have fun mocking up some dialogue in your head or photoshop. LOL.

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