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chapter 2: page 25

2009-12-03 23:22:58

And thus ends chapter 2 =)

Thanks for keeping up, everyone!

If you missed it, I am going back to 1 update a week [fridays] with occassional Tuesday updates, which will be announced the Friday before the extra update. My buffer has become very small because of my new job and holiday stuff and I think it's important to have a few pages in case I can't draw for a few days or something. I'll be posting the cover page on Tuesday, and then it will just be Friday updates from there on... just wanted to give a heads up.

In other news, I've updated the Extras section! I added links to all my art videos, and have also put together a makeshift playlist for the comic. Basically every song on the playlist is somehow related to d*s, and I've explained all the ones I could without giving spoilers. There are a few I couldn't find so I linked to YT in the description, so give those a listen as well :D I suggest putting the playlist on while browsing instead of just sitting there and staring at my site or something LOL.

I'll prolly be adding more to the playlist in the future. I'll post about it if I do :>

Current Incentive:

More progress on the Ari/Ly pic... her head is sort of gigantic, so i will prolly photoshop that in the final version >>; *cheater. LOL*

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