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chapter 10: page 16

2015-01-29 21:41:00

oh hmm what she thinking about there I WONDER. this will be explained later, i promise. i'd tell you to remember it but you won't, cos it'll be a few chapters before it comes up again lol... aaaand at my pace THAT WILL BE A WHILE SORRY

also... there was supposed to be a big 'blue moon' sign above the howlereen banner on this page and i was like MAN I'M TOO LAZY TO DO THAT so i didn't but now that space looks too empty oops


not much else to say right now, i need to go aaaah.

Current Incentive:

Sketch dump~ VERY MILD NSFW WARNING due to some scantily clad penelope, and some art clipped from my nsfw blog. nothing blatantly nsfw tho [thanks to the clipping]. but figured i'd warn you anyway lol. but yeah this is just a buncha doodles and such from this and the past couple weeks. didn't fele up to doing another hs meme entry.

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