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chapter 2: page 7

2009-10-01 22:01:22

Vix looks out the window again, only to find a familiar stranger below...

Added this guy to the character section, but the description is very vague for the time being. I'll update it more after a few pages =)

I got my first fanart for d*s as a webcomic =DD It's a pic of Vix by my friend, Jeni x3 THANK YOU JENI!! ILU.

You may stalk her Deviantart and give her praise for learning to use her new art markers in like a damn day. XD

I want to remind people, if you have the Adblock Plus addon with your firefox, please allow Project wonderful. There have been some really interesting comics and online novels linked in there that I've been really pleased to learn about and I'm sure they'd appreciate it as well =)

Current Incentive:
The vote incentive is still the Vix/Jo fanservice, but I'd really appreciate the votes if you'll take the time to vote anyway. :'D They just restarted voting so I'm actually in the top 50 at the moment [as i write this anyway], and every vote bumps me up a lot right now. [vote here, pretty please lols]

I've already drawn up the next incentive, but I will be posting new ones on tuesdays, so the once a week visitors have a chance to see the previous incentive :] If you want to suggest one... as I say every week, the forums or my deviantart are the best places to get ahold of me :'D

This was a really long news post...LOL. Sorry if it is a tl;dr.

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