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chapter 10: page 12

2015-01-02 18:46:57

Aaaah we're back and it's 2015 and I am soooooo fucking sick right now, which is why this page was late. x_x; SO HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS LOL //violent sneezing

Also nice bomb shell there, Julie.

Ok so I got a buncha fanarts I need to share but I know for a damn fact I do not have the brain power to do all the linkage I would need to do for them so...I will share those next week.

Oh and if you missed the xmas comic, check the news post on the previous page. There's a bit of something for everyone in it I think haha

Gonna go lay down now... e.e ilyguisebye

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A few weeks back, I started a high school meme using the d*s: high cast... here's the first prompt [and the characters involved].

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