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chapter 8: page 5

2013-06-28 08:55:07

So I'm hoping now that her room appears a little more lived in. I figure she's been there long enough to personalize it a bit more than she had before... so there's a few books and stuffed animals, a desk for her keyboard... not to mention a shitload of clothes. I'd imagine they made Kou do a restock run from her old home to get some more of her things haha. xD

This page took a long time. Pls look at it for about 2 hours straight to make it worth my time, thanks.

Also, I can't decide if the fanservice on this page was intentional or not. Like, initially it wasn't gonna be this way, but I liked the scanty sketch too much not to use it... :c I had intended to do way more panels of her changing and getting ready [doing hair/makeup/etc] so it was gonna all be a lot more vague but the page woul've looked too cramped with all the dialogue...plus it probably would have had to be split into more pages, and like, screw that, right? xD

Unrelated to the comic, I watched Josh play thru The Last Of Us. Goddamn, guys... like, just... goddamn. All my parental feels. I am worried about Naughty Dog...they can't keep up this badass quality forever 8( All their games are so damn gooooddjfd. [if you are interested, you can watch the intro here on youtube. worth your time, imo]

That's all I think! Enjoy! :]

Current Incentive:

This page, fullsize, sans text, cos for some reason I spent forever on things no one was gonna even notice. [i know i said i might do a comic this week but i figure it would make more sense to do it next week. you'll see why then xD]

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