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chapter 7: page 54

2013-04-26 09:52:05

Arliss wait come back to me, i miss you already *ugly crying*

The more obsessive readers may notice a mild redesign of the doors... I went from silver doorknobs to goldish.... cos I mean, wtf...why were they silver before? That doesn't match the rest of the hallway at all 8D and also there's the addition of room numbers, because I've never been to a hotel or inn that didn't have them... I will probably not bother fixing this discrepancy on the site, but the edits for the prints will remedy this lol.

Also, still working on the script. I'm combining more chapters! So the next one is two novel chapters mashed together... it works better that way, but makes for another crazy long chapter. I am not sure if it will be longer than this one has been or not...we'll see xD It's kind of crazy, tho. I'm pretty familiar with the novel version of my story, as I've been rereading it every couple weeks to try and pick out scenes to cut/add in/etc... and the way the chapter numbers line up is pretty crazy to me. Like where I left off, I was on chapter 13 of the novel, but it's only chapter 10 of the comic, and I know that the difference in chapter numbers is only going to grow bigger as I combine more chapters later... just kind of trippy somehow.

Also I am finding a lot of scenes I need to cut or alter completely, due to either just...I was a kid when I wrote them, so they are fairly BAD/amateur/forcedddd... and a lot of it is actually the way some characters interact. For example, Vix and Kou were more way friendly with one another in the novel...but are far more standoffish in comic form xD I think it works better that way, but it means I'm cutting a lot of their buddy/buddy scenes out or changing them completely [sorry kix fans 8D]

Alright that's enough rambling. I am suddenly feeling famished, and I need to put something on this burn I got on my arm...it's doing some gross stuff right now [/thinking morbidly of bubble wrap].

Current Incentive:

oldish doodle of the mainish charas in most of my stories, just hangin' out together lol. [i say mainish cos lir and atra both share the main chara spot with other characters] Not much to it... I never got around to finishing it, so i tried to fix it up a bit in photoshop. idk.

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