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chapter 7: page 35

2012-05-03 19:45:00

Good job, Kou, scare her even more than she already was 8D U SO GUD @ UR JOB LOL

Kou: ... ._.;

I think a few of you suspected Kou's shades were covering up more than just a normal pair of eyes lol [or even knew, after browsing some of my older artworks on DA]... well, now you know for sure 8D; But how did it happen? Hmmm!

...Sorry, but you'll have to wait a while to find that out--

Everyone reading this:

[but yeah, i really *am* sorry LOL]

And because I know you guys were dying to know, my ani dinner was aaawweesssooome 8D I ate too many cupcakes from Kara's after, but it was worth it... e_e Banana caramel fshfjfhjdfj *foamsatmouth*

No SF comic of the week this week, but feel free to peek at my links page and check out the comics I've got linked there -- even the ones in the hiatus section! A few of them are actually completed webcomics, after all :)

Current Incentive:

Since you've seen Kou's face now, figured I could show this pic I drew month or so ago lol. I tried to scan it, but since we moved the computer room downstairs, the wireless scanner is taking like 20 minutes to scan pictures now, so had to use the Android photo I took of it lol... I went ahead and just edited that in photoshop like I'd planned to with the scan, cos I don't have the right colours for Rylie's succubus skintone [kind of a deep pinkish brown lol]. Also a sexy shot of my thumb...awww yea. If you are really curious, you can see the original picture right here. :) [btw, the lyrics are from "fresh blood" by the eels...]

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