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chapter 7: page 19

2012-01-12 23:33:22

Gurl, brush that nappy ass hair 8D

New fanart! Vix as a Succubus! by Kat [she draws me so much awesome art!! @__@]

Would also like to plug a webcomic that I've been reading for a while but only just got around to adding to my links page! Spare Keys for Strange Doors is a story about two paranormal detectives who, well...solve paranormal problems! It's a really fun read, and so far has focused on the subjects of investigation rather than the duo themselves.

In other news, if you don't check the d*s facebook page, you might have missed that I've updated the d*s playlist, as well as the drama with my dying tablet [it's better now, but there are some cool pics of the tablet's innards! haha]... so have a peek at it if interested. O_o?

Current Incentive:

I didn't have anything prepped for today so I grabbed an old pchat and started doing a paint over... it turned very pink and shiny... Idk if I will ever finish it or not xD;; I pasted the original pic to the side for comparison.

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