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chapter 7: page 18

2012-01-05 21:46:29

About now, I am sure Kou is totally convinced it's lady issues. :'D

The Panthera cast is actually on this page again, sort of [their backs count? LOL] as well as my friend's charas, Mirah and Demi :) [demi will actually play a part later in the comic -- look forward to it!]

In other news, I haven't updated my fanart page in ages..I really need to get on that! But I got some art of a chibi Vix this week by Varethane, who does the webcomic Chirault... AND!! I am not sure I ever linked this artwork of Vix by Kat, cos she posted it around my honeymoon break... if I did link it, well, enjoy it again xD?

In other OTHER news, I added two new comics to the links section... first is Utopiates, which is a comic where there are these crazy drugs that basically give you new personalities. It's relatively new so there's not a huge lot of main storyline in it yet, but it's promising and the art is pretty badass. If you've ever seen Broken Saints [which i highly doubt ._.], please tell me I am not alone in feeling nostalgic when I read this comic :P Second is Karnellium -- I actually have no idea what this is about yet, it's only a few pages long so far, but the art is really pretty! I am really hoping it keeps going :)

Umm! That's it, I think. Lots of linkage this update...haha. :)

Current Incentive:

A pic I started on New Years Eve. I took this pic with my phone so the whole thing is a little wobbly looking lol. This also reminds me I need to finish the other pic of these two... eventually xD;;

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