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chapter 5: page 18

2010-12-10 00:43:42

Vix takes an emotional dump. [it's not as gross as it sounds]

I can't remember the last time I mentioned the youtube playlist, but I've been adding to it still every so often.

YouTube Playlist

Latest additions are:
Rosi Golan - 'Come Around' [cute little love song]
Clint Mansell - 'Death is the Road to Awe' [long but good background music from a crazy movie]
Angie Mattson - 'In Violet' [kind of eerie, mood music]
Village Soundtrack - 'The Gravel Road' [beautiful violins and piano :<]
Avril Lavigne - 'Alice' [IKNOW>_>;...but i like the lyrics xD hopefully someone better will do a cover of it so I can replace this version...]

Current Incentive:

Last part of the meme! Finally! This one was packed with potentially perverted questions that I challenged myself not to give in to xD The Dana one is prolly only funny to me and the people who remember her stripping scene lmao. [it's way later...sorry lol]

next update: fri - dec 17
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