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chapter 5: page 8

2010-09-30 20:03:37

Ari tries to explain some things about Dhampirs.

HAPPY BDAY SIS [even tho you don't check my comic much lmao] YARYARYARYAR.

Not much else to say. I added one new comic [planescape: metamorphasis] and I rearranged my links a bit so there is a section for the comics that are now on hiatus or are finished. xD

Current Incentive:

What I have done so far for the merchandise artwork =D I had sketches of these for a past vote incentive. Now some of them are coloured and I've tweaked a few of them, and added a few more charas =) These are for coasters, but I could probably use them on buttons or t-shirts as well. I wonder if anyone would really buy them tho :'D

next update: fri, oct 8
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