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chapter 4: page 5

2010-06-10 21:39:21

Arianna apologized for Lysander, because the guy can't be bothered to do it himself 8D

GUYS GUYS GUYS I am gonna update the next page on Tuesday. This page is kinda meh, and has very little happen on it [and it took very little time to do], so you deserve a faster update xDD sooo...check back tuesday =3

Current Incentive:

I was watching the 80's music channel whilst at the gym and a buncha dudes in mullets were rocking out on it.. and it made me wonder what some of the charas would look like in the 80's. Really it was jsut an excuse to draw Kou with a mullet so I could lol at it, but I ended up having fun on Vix's outfit >>;

next update: tues, june 15th
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