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chapter 4 cover - "giving up home"

2010-05-17 22:17:40

Yay new chapter =D I know you guys are prolly wondering where this story is going about now LOL. Trust me, there is actual plot eventually...just gotta get all this back story, "OMG WHAT AM I?" and new home stuff settled. xD

So hang in there please xDD

I'll prolly update the chara page later tonight with Lysander's chara info xDD I meant to last update but forgot...

Current Incentive:

I still really have nothing to show, so I am just posting this thing I did whilst on Livestream, where I was getting some critiques on this pic xD The word bubble is a horrible jab at a woman who is in my family by marriage who should really just die because she's crazy and cruel. I figure the only one who will laugh at it is my mom, but you know, whatever. lolol.

next update: fri, may 21st
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