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chapter 3: page 20

2010-04-15 21:56:03

Vix makes a stand 8D sort of.

Next week's update will be the last update for a few weeks, since I am going to visit my family in FL for a few weeks. @_@ I wish I had a laptop..then I could work on the comic some while I'm outta town and still update too... *sigh* But I guess maybe I will be able to draw some stuff on paper for incentives =D

Current Incentive:

Vote bait this week is a little animated gif I did of Vix and her buddies dancing. Vix's official birthday was this week [april 13th] so let's just say it's a birthday dance party!! XD If you are curious, Vix is technically 12 years old now! I can't believe I've had her that long...12 whole years... it's crazy! My little girlie is gonna eventually catch up on her in story age!! [in 5 more years]... how strange. :'D

next update: friday, april 23
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