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chapter 3: page 16

2010-03-18 22:25:45

Vix learns she's basically been in a coma for a day. 8D

My friend Jeni drew me a picture of Rylie the Succubus for my birthday =D Since she is a d*s character [introduced in the next chapter =)] I shall share the sexiness with you:

You can see more of her adorable stuff @ her deviantart. Give her love and encouragement, she is a shy person and will probably explode from embarrassment, which is half the fun!! 8D ilyjenidon'thitme.

Current Incentive:

Filling out a meme with some of my d*s charas that I like to use in Memes xDDD I guess a lot of this might not be funny since you dunno the charas too well yet since only 2 of them have been introduced...buttttt whatevs, it is all I have this week xDDD It's not done yet, obviously... I'll pick at it more over the next few weeks. XD

next update: friday, mar 26
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