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chapter 3: page 14

2010-03-04 23:00:37

A strange woman appears.

Arianna> uh, hey, WHO'S strange??? =(

I updated the character section and added mouseover 'spoilers' to the portraits... they aren't really spoilers tho, so much as little summaries of things that have been revealed about them so far in the story. Figured it was a good idea... eventually I might make seperate pages to keep their updated infortmation on.

Me and Josh are going to FL in a few weeks here to visit my mom and hopefully some of my other family. Still over a month off, but thought I'd give an early warning. I dunno if I'll have a chance to update while I'm there, so maybe I'll post extra pages when I get back or something... [that is if i can do extra pages before i go...]

Btw, don't forget you can join my forums. I'm actually considering changing my layout and adding in a comment system, for those of you who aren't too fond of foruming...

I know how it is. ;]

Current Incentive:

just a handful of things i been sketching this week, two ads, the finished ad, and a height reference for myself of some of the main charas. :'D

next update: friday, mar 12
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